Home Security : Monitoring - Recording - Deterrent

Home Security and Peace of mind

Home is where everyone finds comforts, love and feels safe. But with change in time and safety of home often at stakes. With increase in unwanted loitering, theft, property damage or unidentified events around property car affect your safety and quality of life.

Nowadays, there are many surveillance, monitoring, burglar alarm, control system and technology support to provide you a peace of mind and boost your confidence of safety and protection.

Level 1 - starts with controlled access, an entry system which allows and limits the user and unwanted access. It can be done to small or whole premises as well as separate locking or access system within same location. 

Level 2 - Alarmed Monitoring , It adds above features and features of it's own to deter the intruders and take immediate actions when needed.

Level 3 - it's done by a surveillance system made of multiple security cameras and recording system. Which records all activity, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With Night vision cameras and high resolution signal processing it can detect and identify face, even a license plate of moving vehicle.

Cost can be factor choosing the level of secured system, Level 1 is typically the lowest cost to start with but more features and advance technology it can add up cost, although all the cost is one time payment usually or some businesses offer payment plans.

Next cost effective is debatable between level 2 and level 3, while level 2 has low initial installation cost but can tie you up with monthly fee which keeps on adding as long as you have the service, on other hand level 3 has higher initial cost but typically it's single one time payment unless you choose monthly plans offered by many businesses.

Would you like to learn more on how much these security can cost or looking for rough estimate, use the cost calculator by Solnet Canada .


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