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Cyber Security 101 - Basic principles

CYBER SECURITY 101 With changes in technology and everyone connected digitally often create a havoc thought of privacy and security, often termed as Cyber Security.

Do's and Don'ts  -  Wants and Needs, often dictates our choices of selection. But before we go deeper in discussion , let's talk Security at basic level to better understand it.
Here are basic principles which can help understand security  for better designed solutions for physical or  cyber security needs.
1) Security Vs Convenience  : It's usual that higher the level of security is create lower the convenience level it creates for user in order to safely go through all layers of security. Ease to access means limited security for user as well as intruder. Choosing the balance wisely with needs and requirements is essential.
2) Security is continuous process : Issues can be fixed and resolved to mitigate the risk but there's always be new avenues of exposure and it's impossible to eliminate all ri…