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CE Code Handbook for Fiber Optic Cable

In CE Code handbook, installation of fiber optic cable in same vicinity of electrical cables has be discussed. Section 56 is intended to ensure that optical fiber cables installed adjacent to, or in the same raceway and enclosures as, component of electrical systems do not pose, or contribute, to a fire or shock Section 56 – Optical Fiber Cables Rule 56-000 Scope Section 56 includes additional and specific requirements for the installation of optical fibre cable adjacent to electrical conductors or electrical system equipment. These optical fiber cables are used for control, signalling and communications functions that are generally performed by electrical conductors. The optical fibers transmit modulated light patterns that are encoded and decoded by terminal equipment. They do not transmit electrical voltages or currents, nor are they affected by electrical contact or induction. Shock and fire hazards, however, can arise from following: 1) The type of optical fib

Structured Cabling - Backbone of all connectivity

Core of all connectivity - Structured Cabling   One of the most essential and critical part is to understand how beneficial a well designed cable network can be but it may looses it's merits if it's not done correctly. When designing a structured cabling for any house, office, buildings, factory, warehouse or any premises which needs connectivity or inter-connectivity whether by means of wired or wireless connections, most professionals follow either  a 4 steps process :  Analyse and Plan - Design the Network - Execute the Installation - Measure and validate Most efficient and economical structured cabling design begins with analyzing the requirements and needs at present moment as well as forecasting future growth few years ahead. The scope should allow to upgrade or repair any issues without damaging physical infrastructure, limiting possible down time, patching or replacements of defectives as well as monitor and maintain the performance status. Next, it is all ab