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Acronym for Network System, interconnection and cabling

Common Acronym used for  Network System, Interconnection and Cabling

ACL : Access Control List

ADSL : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AES : Advanced Encryption Statndard

AP : Access Point

ARIN : American Registry for Internet Numbers

ARP : Address Resolution Protocol

ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BERT : Bit-Error Rate Test

BGP : Border Gateway Protocol

BLE : Bluetooth Low Energy

CaaS : Communication as a Service

CAN : Campus Area Network

CASB : Cloud Access Security Broker

CAT : Category

CCTV : Closed Circuit Television

CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access

CoS : Class of Service

CPU : Central Processing Unit

CRC : Cyclic Redundancy Check

dB : Decibel

DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DLC : Data Link Control

DLP : Data Loss Prevention

DMZ : Demilitarized Zone

DNS : Domain Name Service/Server/System

DOCSIS : Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification

DSL : Digital Subscriber Line

E1 : E-carrier level 1

EAP : Extensible Authentication Protocol

EDNS : Extension Mechanisms for DNS

EGP : Exterior Gate…