CE Code Handbook for Fiber Optic Cable

In CE Code handbook, installation of fiber optic cable in same vicinity of electrical cables has be discussed. Section 56 is intended to ensure that optical fiber cables installed adjacent to, or in the same raceway and enclosures as, component of electrical systems do not pose, or contribute, to a fire or shock

Section 56 – Optical Fiber Cables

Rule 56-000 Scope
Section 56 includes additional and specific requirements for the installation of optical fibre cable adjacent to electrical conductors or electrical system equipment. These optical fiber cables are used for control, signalling and communications functions that are generally performed by electrical conductors. The optical fibers transmit modulated light patterns that are encoded and decoded by terminal equipment. They do not transmit electrical voltages or currents, nor are they affected by electrical contact or induction.
Shock and fire hazards, however, can arise from following:
1) The type of optical fiber cable being installed
2) The installation of cable near electrical systems and equipment
3) Inadvertent contact with electrical components by installers and service personnel not trained in the hazards of electrical systems.

Rule 56-102 : Types – describes types of fiber optic cables

Rule 56-104 : Approvals – describes approved cables to be used to avoid any associated potential hazards

Rule 56-106 :  Acceptance of Inspector – describes exemption from approval from inspection department for fiber optic installation  for telephone/communication utility.

Rule 56-200 :  Non-conductive optical fiber  cables installation methods

Rule 56-202 :  Conductive optical fiber cables installation methods

Rule 56-204 :  Hybrid optical fiber cables installation methods

Rule 56-206 :  Penetration of a fire separation must be made so that integrity of separation is maintained.

Rule 56-208 :  Optical fiber cables in a vertical shaft

Rule 56-210 :  Optical fiber cables in ducts and plenum chambers must be rated as per code and have flame spread rating of FT4

Rule 56-212 :  Raceways should be in accordance of Section 12

Rule 56-214 :  Grounding of entrance cables (conductive optic fiber cabes or andy condutive part must be grounded.

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Disclaimer : Information was derived from CE Code Handbook and re written for general reference, more details can be found on actual handbook or contacting associated authorities.

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